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IPL® Photofacial in Atlanta, GA

Healthy, smooth skin can be yours without surgery! Double board certified plastic surgeon, Marisa Lawrence, M.D., offers IPL® Photofacial treatments for men and women in Alpharetta, Atlanta and surrounding areas in Georgia. The treatment heats the tissues to correct common flaws and signs of aging.

What is an IPL® Photofacial?

Our intense pulsed light, or IPL®, photofacial is recommended for cosmetic concerns that benefit from heating of the deep tissues. Dr. Lawrence may recommend an IPL® Photofacial if you want to eliminate:

  • Freckles, age spots, sun spots and other localized skin discolorations
  • Rosacea
  • Spider veins and visible blood vessels
  • Port wine stains and birthmarks
  • Rough skin
  • Seborrheic keratoses
  • Hyperpigmentation
IPL® Photofacial in Atlanta, GA


What Are the Benefits of an IPL® Photofacial?

The IPL® Photofacial can treat several concerns in just one treatment. Little to no downtime is needed after the procedure.

Am I a Candidate for an IPL® Photofacial?

If you have surface flaws on your skin, Dr. Lawrence may recommend an IPL® Photofacial. The treatment can be combined with other procedures.

What Should I Expect from an IPL® Photofacial?

An IPL® Photofacial takes 30 to 60 minutes. You may feel a slight warming sensation as the intense pulsed light energy is applied. The results of the treatment emerge gradually over the weeks following the procedure.

You may have some side effects after the procedure. Redness and swelling are the most common symptoms, but you may also experience peeling, tenderness, discomfort and bruising. These minor symptoms should last less than one week.

How Much Does an IPL® Photofacial Cost in Atlanta, GA?

The first step for having an IPL® Photofacial is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawrence to ensure it is your best option. After the appointment, we will explain the cost of treatment. Our payment options include cash, check and credit card. Financing is available through CareCredit®.

Cosmetic concerns on the surface of the skin require an innovative approach. As one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area, Marisa Lawrence, M.D., recommends IPL® Photofacial treatments to her patients in Alpharetta, Atlanta and surrounding areas in Georgia, to address these types of problems. To learn more about our IPL® Photofacial treatments, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

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