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About Brachioplasty

A frustrating side effect of losing weight or getting older is gaining loose skin. At Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery, we offer arm lift surgery (also called brachioplasty) as an option for people who cannot seem to tone or tighten their arms with natural methods. Excess skin from the elbow to the upper arm is very common, especially for people who are getting older or have lost significant amounts of weight. An upper arm lift removes this hanging skin, sometimes known as "bat wings." Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marisa Lawrence is very knowledgeable in skin tightening and fat removal techniques. If you would like to learn more about how brachioplasty can correct the shape of your arms, please contact us for a consultation at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA.

Ideal Candidates for Brachioplasty

An Brachioplasty is a plastic surgery that employs innovative techniques to slim and eliminate unwanted skin. If you are tired of hiding your flabby arms and want them to look trim and contoured again, you are a great candidate for an arm lift. You should be in good overall health so that your body will heal well. Some of the primary signs for potential arm lift patients are loose, excess skin on the upper arms, and lost tautness of the skin. It is crucial that you are at or close to a healthy, stable weight prior to your surgery.

Brachioplasty Surgical Technique

In most cases, your Brachioplasty will take place in an outpatient setting unless multiple plastic surgeries are to be performed at the same time. An arm lift can be done with other procedures (usually performed in an inpatient setting for monitoring), including a tummy tuck, thigh lift, or mommy makeover — if Dr. Lawrence decides it's safe. An upper arm lift is usually performed under general anesthesia and may take several hours to complete. The unwanted skin will be surgically removed from the elbow and continuing to the underarm. The incision will be made to be as hidden as possible, but it will become a visible scar. If liposuction is wanted to remove stubborn pockets of fat, this will be performed as well. Once the skin is tightened, it will be sutured together. You will need to keep the incisions cleaned, covered, and supported with compression garments.

What to Expect from Brachioplasty

Your recovery period may last an estimated two weeks with lots of elevating the arms. Give yourself time to heal. You use your arms for many things so patients should slowly make their way back into their daily routines. If needed, a suture removal appointment will be scheduled about ten days after surgery. Compression garments should be worn until you are released by Dr. Lawrence. For at least one month, all exercise and strenuous activity should be avoided with the exception of frequent, short walks. If you notice excessive swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, hematoma (fluid buildup), infection, loss of feeling in the arms or hands, or heavy scarring, please call Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery for answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does arm lift surgery cost?
The total cost for an arm lift will depend on many factors. Before she can determine your costs, Dr. Lawrence will perform a consultation to listen to your concerns and goals. Following this, she can create your unique surgical plan and estimate your costs. To make it easier to choose a skilled doctor, like Dr. Lawrence, and get your best results, Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery accepts many payment methods. We can also help you find low-interest financing.

Can I combine an arm lift with other surgeries?
It is common for arm lift patients to combine this surgery with another procedure. This is sometimes known as an upper body lift and may include liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), or breast surgery (breast lift). An arm lift is also commonly included as part of an after weight loss surgery for patients who have lost a large amount of weight and want full body contouring. During your consultation with Dr. Lawrence, complementary surgeries can be discussed so your personal surgical plan matches all your needs and goals.

Will there be scars?
A surgical arm lift needs incisions to cut away excess skin, which means there will be scars from sutures. However, Dr. Lawrence makes every effort to place the small incisions in inconspicuous areas. After your surgery, ointments to assist in scar healing will be recommended along with other tips for scar care management. Dr. Lawrence also recommends you avoid sun exposure during the first year to protect the scar from becoming discolored. Most patients believe the benefits of a more toned arm outweigh the appearance of scars.

What results can I expect from an arm lift?
A surgical arm lift is used to excise hanging skin and small amounts of fat. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet to avoid a dramatic change in your weight, which might undo your results. Following your lift, once your arms are fully healed and Dr. Lawrence has authorized it, you can begin weight training. This is a great way to add shape to your arms by strengthening the muscles.

Are there nonsurgical treatments to improve my arms?
While there are a lot of nonsurgical skin tightening options, most will only provide mild improvements. To correct moderate to severe amounts of loose skin, arm lift surgery is your best option. Along with treating excess skin, Dr. Lawrence also liposuctions small amounts of fat and smoothes the remaining skin and tissue for a better result. If you are interested in nonsurgical procedures, Dr. Lawrence can tell you about all possible treatments during your consultation and help you decide which is best for your goals.


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Get Back Your Shape with Brachioplasty

Whatever you call your "bat wings" or droopy skin on your arms, Dr. Lawrence sees it as an opportunity to change your appearance with plastic surgery. This innovative procedure offers emotional and physical benefits as well. If you are at or close to a healthy, stable weight and still cannot get rid of the flab and skin that hang from your upper arms, please call and schedule a private consultation with Dr. Marisa Lawrence at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery. Look and feel younger and fitter with upper arm lift surgery.

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