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Aveli – Cellulite Reduction

AVELI – Cellulite Reduction

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About AVELI – Cellulite Reduction

AVELI is the latest FDA- approved, minimally invasive procedure to get rid of cellulite on buttocks and thighs. Unlike other treatments for cellulite currently on the market, AVELI allows for precision and verification that the fibrous bands have completely been released. A typical appointment will take around an hour and a half depending on the treatment plan.

AVELI is the first and only cellulite device that allows the practitioner to identify each septa in a cellulite dimple, then release each septa in the buttocks or thigh dimple and verify that the septa in the dimple is completely released allowing the skin surface to be smooth. This results in smoother skin on the buttocks and thighs. If you also have skin laxity or focal deposits of fat, skin tightening or fat reduction procedures may be recommended as well.

Cellulite is a very common condition, with over 90 percent of all women affected. There are 3 components that lead to the appearance of dimpled skin called cellulite. As we age, our fat cells get larger, skin gets thinner, and the fibrous bands under the skin tighten irregularly. These fibrous bands called septa stiffen or shrink over time causing cellulite butt dimples and leg dimples. Unfortunately, weight loss, massage, and topical creams do not always address the problem of a true cellulite dimple. An individual dimple can have 7-10 individual septa that create the one dimple! There are no exercises to get rid of cellulite either. AVELI, a unique device, allows the practitioner to precisely identify, release each septa and then verify the dimple on the butt or thigh is completely released and the skin is smooth. Although there are various treatments that treat cellulite, no other procedure allows for this kind of precision and verification.


The best candidates for AVELI are women with discrete cellulite butt and thigh dimples with minimal skin laxity and minimal to no localized fat.

To reduce bruising and to accelerate the healing process, there are medications like aspirin and ibuprofen that you will need to avoid. Dietary supplements such as arnica and bromelain can be taken to reduce bruising and swelling.. Patients typically drive to and from their AVELI treatment. Before the procedure is started, a local anesthetic is injected into the area being treated. The AVELI device is then passed under the anesthetized skin to identify each septa within each dimple. Once every septa is released, the practitioner will verify that the dimple is completely released. Following the release of every dimple, the area will be covered with an absorbent dressing and cushioned pads, along with a tight workout legging to minimize bruising and swelling post procedure.


Patients may return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. You need to avoid vigorous lower body exercise, like running for 10-14 days. Patients describe moderate discomfort when sitting on the treated areas for 2-3 days then minimal discomfort for up to 1-2 weeks.

AVELI was studied on 74 patients across 9 clinical sites. A total of 95.6% of patients were responders on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale. 80% of the patients were either much improved or very much improved. No unanticipated, serious, or severe adverse events occurred in the study.

Within 1-2 days, minimal downtime is to be expected, you may experience mild discomfort or pain. Clear or pink fluid may leak from the insertion points for 24-48 hours and resolve within a week, typically.

Within 14 days, wear compression clothing as much as possible to help reduce swelling and bruising. You may engage in light physical activity. Strenuous activity may increase side effects. As swelling and bruising subsides, you should start seeing smoother skin.

Within 30 days, avoid extended sun exposure and use sunscreen over the insertion points. Most bruising is fully resolved within 30 days of the procedure. By one month you should see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Within 90 days, after photos will be taken. Areas of firmness are expected, and you may perform firm massage until resolved. A minority of patients will experience area of numbness that typically resolves within the first 60 days. Results should be visible by 90 days.

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