What Is The Best Age To Get A Facelift?

Your face can make — or break — a good first impression. Whether you are going on a first date or interviewing for your dream job, the appearance of your face can have a significant impact on how you are viewed by the world. Unfortunately, the face is often the first part of our body to show signs of aging. As time passes, genetics, gravity, and lifestyle choices can take a toll on the face. Years of sun exposure can lead to the onset of facial lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration, while the aging process can result in sagging skin and an overall tired look.

As these concerns begin to arise, many men and women turn to cosmetic surgery for help. Double board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Marisa Lawrence, founder and sole surgeon at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery, has helped numerous Atlanta-area patients combat the signs of aging with various cosmetic treatments. Arguably the most sought-after procedure for turning back the clock is a facelift. One question patients often have when considering a facelift is the ideal age for undergoing the procedure. To better determine if and when a facelift may be right for you, it is important to first understand some basics about the procedure.

What is a facelift?

A facelift, formally known as rhytidectomy, is an invasive surgical procedure designed to give patients a smoother, more youthful appearance through the tightening of facial tissue, muscles, and skin. Depending on your specific concerns, Dr. Lawrence may recommend one of these three common facelift techniques:

  • Full facelift: For many patients with advanced signs of aging, the full facelift is the best option for producing dramatic and stunning results. This procedure addresses the majority of the face, correcting loose skin, droopy features, and other concerns. Dr. Lawrence can also perform complementary procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and dermal filler injections to further enhance the final outcome.
  • Lower facelift: The lower facelift is extremely beneficial for patients with concerns about sagging jowls, a double chin, and loose skin on the neck. In many cases, additional treatments may be required at the time of a lower facelift to achieve an ideal result. These may include Kybella® injections and liposuction.
  • Mini facelift: Also known as the Band Aid Facelift, the mini facelift is a somewhat less invasive procedure, requiring a smaller incision. With the ability to make subtle and natural-looking improvements around the mouth, jawline, and jowls, the mini facelift can be a fitting option for patients who are not ready for a full facelift but still desire a more youthful look.

Does a facelift make you look younger?

Yes! With the ability to make patients look up to ten years younger, it is no surprise that a facelift is one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgeries each year. By addressing significant signs of facial aging that may not be responsive to nonsurgical treatment options, a facelift is highly effective for patients looking to regain a more youthful appearance. However, it is important to remember that a facelift is not a permanent fix, and the aging process will still continue. Depending on the age at which you undergo your initial facelift, subsequent treatments or procedures may be needed in the future.

What is the best age for a facelift?

Is a facelift at 40 too soon? While a large number of patients start thinking about the possibility of a facelift around age 40 – 50, the procedure is performed on patients across a wide range of ages. Rather than determining if a patient is a good candidate for a facelift based on their age, it is often more important to consider certain physical factors. The severity of facial aging, overall health, and the degree of skin laxity all play a role in how successful a facelift can be for a patient, regardless of age. In general, patients with a fair amount of preserved skin laxity who are in good health and are non-smokers make the best candidates for a facelift.

The knowledgeable and caring team at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery can help assess your situation and recommend an appropriate course of action. During an initial one-on-one consultation, Dr. Lawrence will evaluate your case, discuss your goals, explain your options, answer your questions, and put together a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

What results can I expect from a facelift?

A facelift helps Atlanta-area patients achieve a more youthful appearance by addressing deep lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, drooping jowls, and more. The success of a facelift depends largely on the skill of the surgeon, and it is essential that patients choose their provider carefully in order to avoid poor facelift results, including unsightly scars. Dr. Marisa Lawrence calls upon her experience, talent, and precision to perform successful facelift surgeries and achieve beautiful results for her patients time and time again.

How do I get started?

If you think a facelift may be right for you, the first step is to be evaluated by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Call Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA, to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lawrence today, and learn more about how a facelift can refresh your face and take years off your appearance.

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