Everything you need to know about Labiaplasty?

As women grow older and go through certain stages in their lives, it is quite common for many to experience a change in their bodies, including their vaginal areas. However, many women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with the changes in appearance and feel. Changes in the vaginal region can be brought on by many factors including pregnancy, childbirth, weight fluctuation and the natural aging process. Women who are not happy with these changes often seek vaginal rejuvenation.

What is Labiaplasty?

A vagina rejuvenation or labiaplasty is a surgical procedure done to reshape the labia minora—the inner "lips" of the vulva. This procedure is done in office under local anesthesia by double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marisa Lawrence in Atlanta, GA. This procedure can improve both cosmetic and health concerns in your vaginal area by reshaping or resizing the vaginal lips or labia. Labiaplasty can help address the size, shape or symmetry of your labia. In addition, it can help reduce discomfort from wearing tight clothing as well as discomfort during exercise or intercourse. A labiaplasty rejuvenates the vagina and creates a more youthful appearance that matches the rest of the body. Labiaplasty can also make hygiene easier and helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections by eliminating tissues that can harbor unwanted bacteria.

What should you expect during the procedure?

Labiaplasty is an outpatient office procedure, so you are able to go home the same day. How long your procedure takes will depend on your specific treatment plan. Dr. Lawrence will discuss these options with you during your initial consultation.

There are two main forms of labiaplasty. A labia majora reduction reduces the size and shape of the outer lips of your vagina. A labia minora reduction reduces the size and shape of the inner lips.

These reductions are either made using the trim technique or the wedge technique. During the trim technique, Dr. Lawrence removes excess skin around the outer edge of the labia. During the wedge technique, a v-shaped "wedge" is cut out of the labia at the widest point then the edges are stitched together.

What should you expect during your recovery?

After the procedure, Dr. Lawrence may prescribe medications to help manage pain and discomfort. You will receive post-surgical instructions regarding incision care and it is essential to follow them.

Recovery varies from person to person, but most women are able to return to their normal routine within 1 to 2 weeks. You will, however, need to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after your procedure. Patients find comfort in knowing the procedure comes with a low risk of infection and causes only minimal scarring that’s no longer visible after a few months. Mild post-procedure pain and swelling lasts a few days and can be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

When will you see results?

Every woman heals differently, and your body will need time to rest and recover from the procedure. Most women begin to see their results take shape over the weeks and months after the procedure, as swelling reduces and scars diminish.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an in office labiaplasty at Marisa Lawrence Plastic surgery in Atlanta, GA is $2,500.

How to schedule?

The goal of the procedure is to reduce the labia minora so that they don't hang below the hair-bearing labia majora. A labiaplasty may be performed to reduce asymmetry when one is longer than the other, or, more commonly, to reduce the length of both labia so that the labia no longer twist, tug or fall out of a bathing suit.

At Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Marisa Lawrence prides herself on offering highly individualized attention to all patients considering labiaplasty because each surgery is unique and every patient has her own important goals and expectations.

During an in-depth consultation, Dr. Lawrence will answer any questions about labiaplasty surgery and also discuss some of the benefits. 

If you have been considering a labiaplasty procedure and are interested in learning more, call our office today at 404-303-7004 to schedule your consultation.

Labiaplasty Before and After

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