Tummy Tuck Diet: Keeping Your Results After Plastic Surgery

Most patients are eager to see their results after having a tummy tuck. Even though cosmetic surgery can be an exciting process, you never want to rush recovery. Also called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck procedure removes excess fat and skin to create a firmer abdominal profile. At Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery, we help patients prepare for their final outcome by making sure they stick to a healthy diet after a tummy tuck so their gorgeous results are long-lasting. 

Based in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Marisa Lawrence is double board-certified and fellowship-trained in cosmetic plastic surgery. Many patients who choose abdominoplasty want to achieve a younger-looking silhouette, but the surgery alone will not offer permanent results. Those who want to truly enjoy the outcome should stick to healthy meals afterward. Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery offers great advice for maintaining your new body with a post-tummy tuck diet. 

Tummy tuck and body contouring surgery and recovery 

Many factors can lead to a stretched-out abdomen with hanging, wrinkled skin. After pregnancy or a considerable weight loss, you may have experienced these changes. A tummy tuck procedure helps individuals reclaim their bodies by removing excess skin. During this process, we may also use liposuction to eliminate small but stubborn pockets of fat. Since tummy tuck surgery is not considered a weight-loss solution, Dr. Lawrence advises that you be near your goal weight before surgery. 

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Dr. Lawrence will choose the surgical method during your consultation. Based on the abundance of laxity of the skin, patients may require a full tummy tuck. This requires an incision above the pubic region along the lower abdomen. Those with minimal excess skin are likely suited for a less invasive incision and technique. Following surgery, patients are monitored and released to a responsible family member or friend to recover at home. Compression garments are given to patients to reduce swelling and encourage proper blood flow. 

Walking and moving around will be uncomfortable at first, so you should plan to rest for several days. Movement becomes easier after the abdominal muscles adjust to their new position and the incision begins to heal. Though you can generally return to your normal routine in two weeks, exercise routines can resume only after you have been cleared by Dr. Lawrence. 

Begin by personalizing your diet plan 

The first step is to develop a plan for weight management following your tummy tuck procedure. There are a few different professionals who might help. General physicians, dieticians, and nutritionists can all provide sound advice and support from the standpoint of your overall health. After reviewing your medical history, they should be able to advise and give you a holistic approach on how to move forward. Aside from a diet plan, your primary physician can help you meet additional goals such as lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels through proper meals. Dietitians and nutritionists also have training in weight management strategies to support your health, and they can offer advice on how to prepare healthy food. Seeing an expert is the best way to discover a safe and effective approach to maintaining your tummy tuck and body contouring results. 

A good diet after a tummy tuck

Immediately after surgery, your appetite may not return to normal right away. For this reason, Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery suggests keeping healthy snacks or protein shakes available as an easy way to consume the nutrients you need. Foods that are simple to prepare are best during this time. Since a tummy tuck and body contouring procedure is an extensive surgery, lean proteins like grilled chicken or broiled fish are important for the body to produce the energy required to heal. Vegetarians and vegans may choose alternatives like tofu and beans. Additionally, don’t forget to drink lots of water! It is important that you stay hydrated during this time. 

A good diet after a tummy tuck helps individuals recover well and avoid weight gain moving forward. Generally, it is best to avoid refined sugars, processed foods, trans fats, and saturated fats whenever possible. Many physicians recommend colors such as deep greens and reds as indicators of vitamin-rich foods. Possibilities include fresh vegetables, spinach, strawberries, and broccoli. Replacing white bread with whole-grain bread is another simple change that makes a big difference. Use a food journal to keep track of calories so you don’t exceed the amount recommended by your doctor. 

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Plastic surgery or body contouring is just half the equation. Following a healthy diet and lifestyle is equally important in maintaining your results. Serving patients in Greater Atlanta, GA, Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery is a boutique plastic surgery and MedSpa facility. We take pride in offering patients the tailored care they need. If you have questions or concerns about your nutritional status after a tummy tuck and body contouring, reach out to one of our staff members to schedule a consultation. As one of Atlanta’s most skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Lawrence is committed to your care. 

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