Tummy Tuck Atlanta

Tummy Tuck

The mid-section is an area that many people, both men and women, struggle with and this struggle doesn’t just happen when it’s swimsuit season. The self-conscious tugging at sweaters during winter and fall speak to this sub-conscious longing to achieve the mid-section desired. Through Tummy Tuck Dr. Marisa Lawrence has helped many patients achieve the results they desired. The Tummy Tuck procedure is designed to remove excess, sagging skin in the mid-section. Excess, sagging skin in the mid-section often occurs after a dramatic and quick weight loss, such as is often achieved through bariatric surgery. The excess, sagging skin is also commonly seen after pregnancy. Pregnancy, in addition to causing excess skin in the mid-section, may cause the abdominal muscles to loosen and stretch out creating a distended appearance. Through a Tummy Tuck these muscles can be tightened again.

Tummy Tuck’s are performed through an incision that runs horizontally across the lower abdomen and this incision will leave a permanent scar, though it is hidden easily under underwear and swim wear. In some cases the Tummy Tuck procedure may be performed in combination with other procedure such as Liposuction. If you are interested in learning more about the Tummy Tuck, also known an abdominoplasty procedure, to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lawrence.

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