Breast Reduction Atlanta

Breast Reduction

There are often challenges women who have disproportionately large breasts face from fitting into the clothing you want to wear to limitations in physical exercise. Large breasts can cause pain in the neck, shoulders and back and indentations in the skin from bra straps. There is also an emotional discomfort for some women who feel self-conscious of the size of their breasts. No matter the motivation for seeking out more information on a Breast Reduction, Dr. Marisa Lawrence has helped many Atlanta area women find the results they wanted. The Breast Reduction reduces the size and weight of the breasts to create lighter, smaller breasts.

Women who undergo Breast Reduction often find the results life-changing. The reduction of breast size can lead to a more comfortable, pain-free and confident life. Breast Reduction Atlanta may be performed in a couple different ways depending on the size of the breasts, how significant of a reduction is desired, and the patients personal preferences. To learn more about Breast Reduction Atlanta and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lawrence today.

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