Follow along as we demonstrate Sculptra injections to lift and firm the face.This is a non surgical face lift for jowls using Sculptra injections, which will last for years. Dr. Lawrence is a double board certified plastic surgeon, and the most experienced female plastic surgeon in Atlanta. Call us today for your free consultation.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Hi, I'm Dr. Marisa Lawrence, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with an office in Sandy Springs, Georgia. I have over 20 years experience using injectable products. Today we're going to talk about Sculptra, an injectable product which is FDA approved to improve wrinkles and folds in an aging face. Sculptra, unlike fillers, boosts your own collagen production, which over time reduces the signs of facial aging.

Typically, three injections are required, based about a month apart, and over time your body's collagen is revitalized and stimulated, which smooths out the deep inner layer of your skin to give you a refreshed and revitalized look. Today we're going to treat a 40 year old male who has early signs of facial aging, specifically hollowing of his cheeks, with early jowl formation. He will require three treatments based one month apart.

There we see it, and we see a little bit of a worry line right here too. Your cheeks, improve the contour, and avoid and improve these nasal labial folds. We're going to clean the area off with some alcohol. We inject it into the deep dermis, aspirating to make sure we're in a safe plane. The product has a lot of water in it, so you can see a very nice result immediately. Over the next couple of days the water will be absorbed, leaving just the product, which will stimulate collagen.

If you're considering injectable products come and see us today. We'd be delighted to see you.