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Liquid Facelift in Atlanta, GA

A liquid facelift is a nonsurgical option for facial rejuvenation. Using a variety of dermal fillers and injectables, Dr. Marisa Lawrence can recommend a treatment plan to men and women throughout Atlanta, Alpharetta and other nearby Georgia communities.

What is a Liquid Facelift?

Liquid Facelift in Atlanta, GAA liquid facelift is performed by injecting dermal fillers, neuromodulator and biostimulator products into the face to reduce wrinkles and restore youthful facial contours. These procedures are performed in the office by skilled injectors. Using these products, brows can be elevated, under eye bags and dark circles can be masked, cheek volume can be restored and jowls eliminated. Each type of injectable treatment has unique attributes to rejuvenate specific areas of the face.

Wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes are caused by the facial muscles that move with our facial expressions. By gently diminishing their activity, these lines disappear, restoring a soft, more youthful upper facial appearance.

What Products are Used for a Liquid Facelift?

Botox® and Dysport® are injectable forms of purified botulinum toxin Type A. Small amounts are injected into the wrinkle-causing muscles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes, limiting their movement and providing a rejuvenated look. Botox® and Dysport® can also be injected into the forehead to create elevation of the eyebrows, known as a chemical brow lift. Muscles that depress the eyebrows are treated with product so the muscle that elevates the eyebrows is unopposed, elevating the eyebrows and creating a more open-eyed look.

Juvederm®, Voluma®, and Restylane® are smooth gel hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your body. These products work best for treating the hollows below the eyes (tear troughs) and in the lines around the mouth (laugh lines, lipstick lines, marionette lines, corners of the mouth). All the products now contain Lidocaine to minimize discomfort during injections.

Sculptra® is a synthetic injectable material called poly-L-lactic acid, the component of stitches and implants. When it is injected, it stimulates the body’s own production of collagen. This substance is known to work particularly well in the temples, cheeks, and lower half of the face. This substance is unlike other dermal fillers because it doesn’t produce immediate results. Instead, it stimulates collagen production, so results appear gradually over a period of a few months. The number of treatment sessions and amount of product needed varies from person to person. Two to three treatment sessions may be necessary 6 to 8 weeks apart. Results last at least 2 years.

Benefits of Liquid Facelifts

These injectable treatments restore volume to the face and contour established wrinkles and lines of facial aging. Depending on the type of filler and the depth at which it is injected, you can smooth out fine lines on the surface of the skin, fill out deep lines like the nasolabial folds, augment soft tissues such as the lips or even augment facial bone structure.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Liquid Facelift?

You are a good candidate for a liquid facelift if you’ve begun to notice signs of aging in your face. The skin, soft tissues, and structural support of the face are all affected by the aging process. You may notice that the outer layer of the skin changes in color and texture or that you’ve lost elasticity and wrinkles are beginning to form. Your face may also appear hollowed due to fat loss. If you’ve noticed any of these signs you may be an ideal candidate for a liquid facelift.

What is the Downtime After a Liquid Facelift?

There is no downtime associated with the injections and results are apparent three to five days after the injections.

If you would like to project a younger image without undergoing surgery, a liquid facelift may be right for you. If you live in the areas of Atlanta, Alpharetta or another neighboring community and are interested in learning more about liquid facelifts, contact Marisa Lawrence, M.D. to schedule a consultation and to discuss your options.

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