Not all Microneedling treatments are the same

At Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, our medical aesthetician Jeanine describes how our microneedling treatment is top of the line, and includes radio frequency skin tightening with no downtime.

Jeanine talks Microneedling

Hi everybody. My name is Janine. I am a Licensed Medical Aesthetician working for Doctor Marisa Lawrence. We are located at 980 Johnson Ferry Road, right next to Northside Hospital.

I'm here to tell you today why not all Microneedling treatments are the same. Here we use the Endymed Intensive and ours is truly the best of the best. We can treat all skin types, which is very nice. We can control the various depths of the skin, so each treatment is customized for the patient. There is minimal downtime and you can get really everything you want in one treatment.

Ours also as radio frequency, which is nice for tightening, but you also get minimizing of pores, you get a nice tone and texture, it treats fine lines and wrinkles. It's amazing for acne scaring and just overall gives you a nice, healthy look.

You can also add on PRP onto your treatment which helps with collagen growth and it helps with the healing time.

Call today and for all of my viewers out there, if you mention this video, you can receive a treatment for only $600.