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Review from A.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Sep 25, 2014

go to another doctor! - Atlanta, GA - I had a breast reduction a little over two years ago. I was so excited to have the surgery but now I'm wishing I never had which is usually not the case with breast reduction patients!!! I had the Surgery in May of 2011. I did everything I was told as far as drinking plenty of water, not moving my arms or lifting anything and pretty much just being bed riddin for the first part of recovery... well when I got the bandages off they noticed a pea size opening at the intersection of my incisions. I was upset but I had also heard that this can happen pretty easily with that type of surgery so I tried to be positive. Well for several weeks they had me applying wet to dry dressings which hurt like a MOTHER F*****! No progress... in fact, the hole seemed to be getting BIGGER! I kept going for check ups and they kept asking me if I was smoking. They didn't believe me I guess so they gave me a urine test... exactly as I said, NO NICOTINE! So anyway, Dr. Lawrence finally decided she was going to do a second surgery to close it up and since I had also developed a small opening on the other breast she would do both of them at the same time. Waking up from my second surgery was the most painful experience of my WHOLE LIFE! I felt like someone was holding an F'ing blow torch to my chest! I literally woke up screaming my head off... and usually I have a pretty high pain tolerance! For such a small surgery I didn't understand why I was in so much pain but oh well I thought, pain is beauty right? WRONG! This time when I got the bandages off I noticed a lump under my left breast that appeared to be misplaced tissue... I asked the doctor and all the nurses about it at all of my check ups and I kept being told, "it's just swelling it will go down." So the second surgery landed me another $800 bill from Dr. Lawrence, not to mention the bill from the hospital. After having exhausted my savings to pay for the first surgery, I did not have the money to cover the second. After some time the bill went into collections and Dr. Lawrence's office manager refused to make any further check up appointments even after I told her that the lump they kept telling me would go away, was not going away at all!!!!! So here I am thousands of dollars later with huge scars, and permanent swelling under one of my breasts! Aside from my defective surgery... Dr. Lawrence has absolutely zero bedside manner. Plastic Surgeon with a lady's touch the ad says??? Really?! She never smiled, never made me feel calm and comfortable before, during, or after the surgery, no personality at all. So yeah, I guess that's it. I'm pretty pissed off with my botched boob job and debt. Thanks for kicking me out the door Marisa Lawrence! Oh and if anyone would like to see some REAL results from Dr. Lawrence's breast reduction surgeries, feel free to email me. I'd be happy to send you photos of them 2 YEARS post op. More

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