MICRONEEDLING with Dr. Marisa Lawrence

In this video Dr.Lawrence explains how MICRONEEDLING technology will improve the appearance of acne scarring and more...


Hi, today, we're going to perform micro-needling using the Endymed Intensive radio-frequency system. With this system, we can get tone, texture, and tightening, all with one treatment. We use it with PRP topically, to increase the thickness of the skin as well.

Our patient today has had a topical anesthetic. We will start treatment now. The stamping pen piece has 25 gold-plated needles that are tiny, and that will stimulate micro injury as I move across his forehead. That will stimulate the patient's collagen to thicken and tone.

I'm putting the PRP on the patient.

PRP is platelet-rich plasma, and we're rubbing it in so that it will help get absorbed and get thick.